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The blog is devoted to the subject of broadly understood energy storage, single and three-phase inverters and off-grid installations. Ideas, application plans, benefits, costs and challenges associated with such installations.

Magazyn energii NRG wyróżniony na ECC 2022

NRG energy storage awarded at ECC 2022

The leaders of the 2022 Decarbonisation Initiatives Ranking Katowice, 26 April 2022 - The most interesting, inventive and effective projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Polish economy have once again been distinguished in the Ranking ...

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Siepomaga wsparcie dla Antosi

Siepomaga support for Antosia

We support our associates and we also ask for your help, each payment is worth its weight in gold. Collection link: Click Here In our family ...

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Middle East Energy 2022 – relacja z targów

Middle East Energy 2022 - report from the fair

The international fair is an opportunity for new business relations, strengthening the existing cooperation and learning about new developments. Participation in the fair at the GCC for NRG Storage is, above all, an opportunity to appear in the minds of new customers. This year's edition of the fair ...

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Aktywnie organizujemy pomoc dla Ukrainy

We are actively organizing aid for Ukraine

NRG Project actively and effectively organizes support for Ukraine. Our activities consist in organizing help for a specific hospital, thanks to which our packages meet the current needs. Aid for Ukraine is a response to a situation that ...

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Blackout – długotrwała przerwa dostaw energii elektrycznej

Blackout - long-term interruption of electricity supply

Can there be a blackout in Poland? Currently, many of our customers are asking about blackout, in this article I will present how you can prepare your company for long-term unplanned interruptions in electricity supply. At the outset, I emphasize that currently according to, that is ...

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