Blackout - long-term interruption of electricity supply

blackout w polsce


Date of publication:

November 22, 2021


Can there be a blackout in Poland?

Currently, many of our customers are asking about blackout, in this article I will present how you can prepare your company for long-term unplanned interruptions in electricity supply.

At the outset, I emphasize that currently according to, that is the operator of the power transmission system in Poland: “The power system is working stably. There is no need to limit electricity consumption by consumers. "

Fears of a blackout in Europe appeared with the first information campaigns in the European Union on Preparations for a Blackout, TV campaigns showed how to behave during power cuts. You are probably wondering if there is anything to be afraid of? Many experts emphasize that the situation in the west is due to the fact that the energy sector is based on unstable renewable energy sources and that there is nothing to worry about in Poland. On the other hand, when analyzing the issue of blackout, it can be seen that the issues of outdated Polish power plants that have been operating since the 1970s and 1980s are ignored.


Possible causes that may cause Blackout in Poland.

In our opinion, a potential blackout in Poland may have several reasons:

- failure of the outdated power infrastructure during the winter peak of demand

- pan-European failure, in the case of low generation of energy from renewable sources in winter (long-term weather conditions lowering generation from renewable sources in winter)

- frequency unbalance on a European scale, division of the synchronous area

- failure of several power units in winter, combined with shutting down the Bełchatów power plant, such as May 17, 2021


3 Power sources to help survive the blackout in Poland.


Ways to prepare your company for blackout:

  1. Building own energy sources, such as: photovoltaics, small wind farm, SHP.
  2. Building your own energy storage in LiFePO4 technology.
  3. Purchase of a power generator supporting photovoltaics with an energy storage.


The combination of a renewable energy source, an energy storage and an aggregate will allow you to survive a blackout for several days even in winter, our industrial solutions are sets with the power of 100 kW, 250 kW, 500 kW and more. We are happy to analyze your demand, electrical installation and propose a hybrid set for you.


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