Photovoltaic installation without grid connection

Instalacja off-grid to system przedstawiony na schemacie, podstawowy charakter to możliwość pracy bez sieci. Instalacja NRG fotowoltaika bez podłączenia do sieci składa się z:

The installation can be equipped with an additional generator that allows you to recharge the energy storage in winter, when the photovoltaic gives a small amount of energy.

fotowoltaika bez podłączenia do sieci

What is an energy self-sufficient mobile container? Photovoltaics without connection to the grid with energy storage - Implementation Example

  • a portable room with an internal off-grid network, i.e. powered by electricity obtained not from the power grid but from pv panels
  • room equipped with an energy storage
  • enabling the use of surplus electricity accumulated during the day
  • constantly using electricity from pv panels during the day. after dark using the generated electricity stored in the energy storage

How does an energy self-sufficient mobile container work?

  • photovoltaic panels - on the roof and on the side, they turn the sun into electricity
  • inverter - converts direct current into alternating current
  • energy storage – magazynuje prąd który jest wykorzystywany np.: w nocy
  • local network - equipped with a differential fuse

Why is it worth using an installation, photovoltaics without connection to the grid?

  • Access to electricity in places where the network does not reach
  • Quick room installation without the need for permits
  • Flexible solution
  • Energy savings
  • The ability to easily change the location
  • Reduce your environmental impact
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