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Energy storage - NRG Storage - More than a declaration of energy independence and security - Polish producer of energy storage from RES. Solutions for home, industry and solar farms.

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Independence from the energy supplier

Provide the ability to choose a power source in the event of a power failure, even for several hours.

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Ecological neutrality

Complementing the photovoltaic installation with o energy storage, you will maximize the use of electricity produced by you.

Made in Poland

The first Polish producer of energy storage systems with inverter

The product was developed by NRG Project sp. Z oo in cooperation with a group of Polish engineers. The set of inverter with energy storage is manufactured in Poland.

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magazyn energii dla domu

Safety of use - LiFePO4 technology

Solutions are built on the basis of LiFePO4 technology. It ensures long battery life (over 2000 cycles) and the highest level of safety during operation.

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A method of producing and storing electricity from photovoltaics

An innovative solution for storing electricity produced by photovoltaic panels, available on request.

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Save more!

You reduce losses resulting from unfavorable prosumers' settlements. You decide how best to use the stored energy.

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Who we are?

NRG Project sp. Z o. O. Is a team of specialists with many years of practice in the electromobility industry and energy storage. We are producers of the highest quality solutions in the area of obtaining and collecting electricity. We provide battery packs for the mining, automotive and emergency systems industries. Our newest product is the set energy storage with inverter. We have created the set in order to be able to collect and use electricity in a manner independent of the energy supplier. More about us on ours website of the producer of energy storage.


NRG BOX 5.0 / 10.0 in the set with the inverter NRG INW 100 PV (1/3 / 5.5 kW)

Smart electricity storage system it's more than a battery. This solution enables multiple (6000 cycles) loading and unloading of the warehouse in modes adapted to the needs of users. What is different energy storage from generators, the use of accumulated electricity without noise, fuel and maintenance. Our latest product is an energy storage set with an inverter. We have built the set in order to be able to collect and use electricity independently of the energy supplier.


Configure Yours now price energy storage will be displayed after configuring the capacity and power of the inverter.


What is an energy storage and how does it work?

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Technical specification of energy storage for the house.

Lithium-iron-phosphate technology Li-FePO4, combines the advantages of high current efficiency, long service life, high energy density and safety

Total Battery Capacity:

BOX 5.1 | 4.8 kWh
BOX 10.1 | 9.6 kWh


Nominal 48 V
Final charge 54.75V
Final discharge 37.5V


BOX 5.1 | 45 kg
BOX 10.1 | 90 kg

Tightness class

IP 44


584mm x 753.5mm x 163.5mm (W / H / D)

Intelligent warehouse management systems

Cell voltage monitoring
Cell temperature monitoring
Current monitoring
Passive balancing
Intelligent BMS with CAN Open / RS 485 communication


5 years or 2,000 cycles (up to 80% DOD) Service life over 5,000 cycles

Producer of energy storage and comprehensive solutions for industry

The company NRG Project Sp. z o. o. offers solutions in the field of energy storage in LiFePO4 technology. Suggested solar panels for use with our warehouses are SmartWire / HJT / BIFACIAL, produced by Hanplast in Poland. We will design and make a dedicated project for you. As a Polish producer of energy storages, we have the ability to build warehouses of any capacity, we build warehouses for photovoltaic farms, the mining industry and other dedicated systems. More about electricity storage solutions for industry.

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