100 kWh energy storage for enterprises

Energy store 100 kWh and 50 kW of power begins the range of products for enterprises of production NRG Project sp. Z oo. The warehouse can operate in modes adapted to the needs of the enterprise, the goal of implementing our solution is to increase energy efficiency. Set operation scenarios 100 kWh NRG energy storage with bidirectional AD / DC inverter with the possibility of connecting photovoltaics:

  • Industrial UPS switch to operation without mains in less than 10 ms (additional network monitoring device required)
  • Work scenario according to EMS
  • Photovoltaics with energy storage
    • Peak-shaving
    • Recharge your energy storage as a priority
    • Power Receipt Priority

Energy storage 100 kwh with 50 kw is the smallest enterprise warehouse in our offer, we have sets with 100 kW, 250 kW and 500 kW inverters with any energy storage capacity.


Learn more about photovoltaics with energy storage (link)

Learn more in English on my blog: how to store electricity

100 kwh energy storage and larger container solutions

We produce container warehouses with the possibility of connecting a photovoltaic farm to build a hybrid installation. If you are interested in hybrid auctions, contact us now.

magazyn energii

Solutions dedicated to the industry, energy storage 100 kwh and more tailored to your needs

We are a Polish manufacturer creating comprehensive solutions for the fuel industry, fishing, mining and e-mobility. An example of a dedicated solution that we are currently producing is an energy storage for a houseboat. The warehouse has been adapted to the needs of the recipient who requires a higher amperage, above 250 A.

If you want to know more solutions dedicated to NRG and start cooperation with us, arrange an online meeting now.

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