NRG energy storage awarded at ECC 2022


Date of publication:

May 11, 2022


The leaders of the 2022 Decarbonization Initiative Ranking selected


Katowice, April 26, 2022 - The most interesting, inventive and effective projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Polish economy have once again been distinguished in the Ranking of Decarbonization Initiatives. The awards went to seven companies during a gala organized as part of the European Economic Congress.


The Ranking of Decarbonization Initiatives organized by the PTWP group and the publisher of the WNP.PL portal as part of the Green Index campaign, is dedicated to all those who actively participate in the process of green transformation of the Polish economy. The ceremonial announcement of the winners took place during the second part of the evening Gala of the XIV European Economic Congress in Katowice.


- The leaders of this year's edition of our Ranking significantly reduce their carbon footprint using knowledge and creativity, making decarbonisation an important element of their business strategy, for the benefit of the environment, climate, and for all of us - he said Wojciech Kuśpik, president of the PTWP Group, initiator and organizer of the European Economic Congress.

NRG Project for developing an energy storage powered by photovoltaic sources, compatible with a fast car charger. This device stores electricity and gives it back at any time. Thanks to such solutions, it is possible to actively create a production profile from renewable energy sources, which become controllable sources. In 2021, NRG Project began delivering energy storage to RES for Polish enterprises.


- I have been dealing with electrochemical energy sources for 20 years. I started out near Gdańsk in a factory called Centers. Everyone remembers what a "finger", a flat battery is. Twenty years ago I did not expect that, starting with "fingers", you would end up with a battery that weighs five tons - he said Zygfryd Kosidowski, president of NRG Project.



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