We are actively organizing aid for Ukraine

pomoc dla ukrainy


Date of publication:

March 22, 2022


NRG Project actively and effectively organizes support for Ukraine. Our activities consist in organizing help for a specific hospital, thanks to which our packages meet the current needs. The aid for Ukraine is a response to the situation that befell our eastern neighbors and directly affected our company. Our long-time associates were forced by the war to return to their country and defend their homeland. We could not stand indifferent to this situation, the employees of NRG Project organized help for the hospital located in the town where our employees come from, moreover, the president of NRG Project, in cooperation with Caritas, took care of a complete set of documents entitling to transport medical assistance across the border. The parcels mainly contain medical supplies and dressings for the hospital, in addition, we sent food and basic necessities.



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