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February 16, 2021


The beginning of the analysis of available energy storage for photovoltaics is the most common question "price energy storage?”. In this article, we will answer what affects the price of the energy storage.

What influences the price of an energy storage?


Electricity storage is a concept that is repeatedly used by chance. The broadly understood ecology entered our lives on a large scale after 1989, changing the thinking of many people. The earth's resources have become finite and the way they are used has become important not only from an economic point of view. What to do to free ourselves from burning coal that supplies Poles with electricity? And how to minimize energy losses? Should you do it centrally or in a distributed manner?
Countries that are technologically and ecologically more advanced are solving this problem, inter alia, by storing energy in private small warehouses. They are installed both in houses, small houses as well as in companies and even in multi-family housing. The basic sizes of energy storage oscillate between 5 and 10 kWh (Energy storage price from PLN 10,000). This means that with a modest household demand, it will be enough for about 1 day (without heating the house with electricity). As it is easy to see with very general estimates, a properly selected PV installation with an energy storage allows you to generate energy for the current consumption and charging the storage. We are talking here about ensuring the energy demand for about half a year (April-September). By disseminating such a solution, we are able to significantly reduce the production of electricity obtained in a traditional way.

magazyn energii cena

Storing energy generated in homes makes sense, but only in the new LiFePO4 technology.


LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate batteries belong to the lithium ion family. One of their features is high tolerance to incorrect operation, low weight and exceptional discharge resistance. Due to their properties, they are used in electric cars, power tools and recently also in photovoltaic power systems with solar panels. The use of LiFePO4 batteries releases us for many years from the need to replace the battery and from servicing that we have to perform with a traditional gel battery, i.e. recharge during the storage period - autumn winter or make sure that the recharging takes place as soon as possible. The second feature is a huge service life of up to 20 years, which is something absolutely unattainable in old battery technologies. Another feature is incomparably greater security in relation to old technologies.
The technological barrier is overcome, and the mental barrier is also overcome, so as always, the problem of costs and whether it is profitable or not remains. Are we only counting the money or will we estimate the environmental costs? How much is smog over the city on a hot summer day? How much is the security of always having a supply of 5 kWh worth? On a hot day, 3 hours without electricity is a floating fridge and no air conditioning. In winter, no heating because the stove also requires electricity ... Energy storage or actually an inverter, although it has the function of selling electricity to the grid or charging the warehouse with cheaper electricity at night and then using it, is not a device for earning money. It is more security, independence, contribution to a cleaner environment.

magazyn energii cena i możliwości

Referring to the title of the article energy storage price - what really affects the price?

1. The size of the warehouse - NRG offers BOXes with a capacity of 5 and 10 kWh - is that a lot? Enough when optimizing the electricity grid and PV or wind installations.
2. Battery technology - there is no point in dealing with batteries other than those with LiFePo4 technology. They will not fulfill their tasks.
3. Producer of the solution - Chinese proposals for energy storage appear on the market, however, their price and quality of workmanship raise concerns. These first arts should be tested by the brave in their homes. After one year, it will be possible to evaluate their work, not to mention meeting the safety requirements. In turn, professional solutions dedicated to companies and industry are beyond the reach of ordinary Kowalski. But what needs to be said clearly is that they are qualitatively flawless and fulfill their function.
4. Availability - Cheaper Chinese propositions about which we are skeptical at the moment will soon flood the market. NRG BOXES are available in just 2 weeks, which is an absolutely sufficient lead time.
5. Technical support and service - it is worth working with partners who have full documentation and support in Polish. Any problems that arise during installations and in the initial phase of use result from insufficient knowledge of the installer and the operator.

It is estimated that the market will be enthusiastic about energy storage. And although from the economic point of view, it is not a money-making machine. It is a product, or rather a solution that ensures comfort, independence and safety. What seems to be just a novelty today will be the standard tomorrow. In Germany, every 7th new PV installation is installed with an energy storage.


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