Energy storage for photovoltaics, solar farms and wind farms

What is an energy storage for photovoltaics?

Energy storage for photovoltaics allows you to store some of the energy and return the energy to the grid at a designated time. The connection of the energy storage with the photovoltaic is possible on the DC side, which gives less losses. The diagram shows how our energy storage with a capacity of 0.5 MW, 1 MW and more can work with your RES power plant.

magazyn energii do fotowoltaiki

Energy storage operation modes for photovoltaics and wind farms.

The basic operating modes of the energy storage are:
emergency power supplyin the event of a network failure (an additional module is required for an uninterrupted transition)
-peak-shaving, loading the warehouse at the peak of production and uploading to the network at a different time
-EMS mode, work by. hourly scenario
- voltage stabilization
- frequency stabilization

magazyn energii do fotowoltaiki, farm fotowoltaicznych, farm wiatrowych

What is the power and capacity of an energy storage for photovoltaics?

Simplifying, the power of the energy storage is equivalent to the power of DC/AC inverters, thanks to which we can improve the energy from the storage, the power may be limited by the technical capabilities of the cells. We offer cells that can be discharged with a power of 0.5 C, and those that can be discharged with a power of 20 C. The storage capacity is described in kWh, corresponds to the amount of energy that a 1000 watt device consumes in one hour.

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