EMS - energy management system for enterprises

EMS is an IT system that enables energy management within the enterprise, based on renewable energy sources and energy storage. The EMS NRG Project system allows you to create scenarios and set the system work schedule based on readings from network analyzers. EMS users:

  • optimize energy consumption in the company
  • reduce the transfer of energy from photovoltaics to the grid
  • improve the quality of energy
  • they participate in energy cooperatives and virtual power plants


ems system zarządzania energią

Energy management system for companies

Optimize your demand profile and manage energy

magazyn energii

Dedicated EMS energy management system for companies

A dedicated EMS system is software tailored to the needs of a given facility, the software is created in our company and is individual. The EMS system allows you to manage the energy storage.


-energy management system for the poultry farm, integrated with the feed house

-energy management system for water supply, taking into account the characteristics and operation of the pumps

- a system for a production company, taking into account the energy prices of the DAM TGE

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